Named: The Essex cop convicted of drink driving after being caught double the limit

Former PC Victoria Cockrell was stopped in her personal vehicle while off-duty in August this year.

A sample of breath collected at the scene showed a reading more than twice the legal alcohol limit for drivers.

Ms Cockrell provided a further sample of breath at Chelmsford police station which gave a reading of 55 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath – lower than the roadside sample but still way over the legal limit – and subsequently received a fine and a one-year driving ban after admitting drink driving.

An accelerated misconduct hearing chaired by Essex Police’s Chief Constable Ben-Julian Harrington was held last week and found ex-PC Cockrell had committed gross misconduct.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Chairman - Essex Police's Chief Constable Ben-Julian HarringtonChairman – Essex Police’s Chief Constable Ben-Julian Harrington (Image: Essex Police)

The Chief Constable found the ex-officer would have been dismissed had she still been serving in the force.

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Mr Harrington felt Ms Cockrell’s actions “fell far below” Essex Police’s expectations for its officers to display high standards on the job and while off duty.

He said: “We take offences of drink driving extremely seriously, and this former officer’s actions seriously undermined the work done across Essex to make our roads safer.

“The public and colleagues in Essex Police rightly expect everyone in Essex Police to behave safely and responsibly.

“As a force, we work very hard to ensure that officers and staff know what’s expected of them. I believe that work is paying off. This arrest was carried out by Essex Police officers, and ex-PC Cockrell was treated as we would treat any other member of the public.

“It’s the efforts of those officers that carries on our work to build the trust of the public we police with the permission of.”