Here’s how residents in Colchester and Tendring could save millions on heating bills

New data published by Cumbria-based company Chimney Sweep has found Essex homeowners could save a total of £35,244,480 in heating bills annually by using a chimney draught excluder.

The firm also believes the use of the device could see the county’s total carbon output reduced by 93,985,280 kg per year.

Draught excluders are designed to be inserted into open chimney flues and can be removed if a fire is to be lit. 

The simple device is made with a thick layer of felted Herdwick wool which is durable, breathable and malleable. 

The data shows Colchester has more than 37,000 houses which have chimneys.

Homeowners in the city could save more than 9 million kilograms of carbon dioxide and more than £3,000,000 in cost if they installed a chimney draught excluder.

Tendring, meanwhile, has more than 31,000 houses which have chimneys – all of which could save more than 7 million kilograms of carbon dioxide and more than £2,000,000 in cost.