Controversial plans for 200 homes in Colchester village attracts 25 objections

The application submitted by Mersea Homes for land at Elms Farm in Messing Road is yet to be decided on by Colchester Council.

The plans include a new vehicle access on the B1022 Colchester Road, community land, allotments and public open space.

The plans have attracted 25 objection comments from members of the public and the Colchester Cycling Campaign.

A spokesman for the Colchester Cycling Campaign said: “Based on journey generation data by Prof Rachel Aldred of the University of Westminster, 200 homes will generate 680 car trips a day, that’s 1,360 cars as recorded on a traffic count.

“There is also the issue of the cycle connections to Kelvedon and Witham railway stations.

“Before this scheme is given approval a thorough study should be carried out about the possibility of using quieter roads and creating discrete links over farmland or beside busy roads to join Tiptree to the railway stations.”

The plans were discussed at a Tiptree Parish Council meeting where councillors stated they had no objection to the application.

A spokesman for Tiptree Parish Council said: “The committee would like Colchester City Council to note that the Neighbourhood Plan allows for the possible combination of the community floor space with the Medical Centre to create a community hub.

“The plans should allow the additional space for this option to remain viable.

“On a previous plan there was a pedestrian and cycle route that connected the development into Oak Road and this is not shown on the current plans.

“There was a comment from National Highways (NH) asking for the decision to be delayed, NH have consulted TPC several times over the last two years and are well aware of the emerging NP.

“Furthermore, NH based their housing projections on the current planning applications at the time.

“This included the now refused Brook Meadow development so they should be able to substitute the Elm Farm development into their calculations and there is no need to delay the decision.”