Christmas shopping event which raised hundreds for charity is back for another year

The Tiptree Early Christmas Fayre is returning to the village to raise cash for the Mencap charity, which supports people with learning disabilities.

The event will be held at Tiptree Community Centre and will sell a range of items including refreshments, produce, art, crystals, sweets, handcrafted goods, baked goods, pet gifts and more from local small businesses.

At the fair in 2022, a total of £390 was raised for Mencap and £165 was raised for the Tiptree Community Fridge.

The organiser of the event, Evelyn Hicks was inspired to organise the fair in memory of a family member who suffered from Rett Syndrome and used the services from Mencap until she died.

The Mencap charity funds research, campaigns and holds programmes which support people with disabilities.

Evelyn said: “In 2021, my son got married, and in his speech, he spoke about the Mencap charity and how important it has been to his new wife and her family.

“It was an incredibly moving speech and as a result of it, I thought that I would like to do something over a year to try and add to my son and his wife’s donation to the charity as their traditional wedding favours.

“I thought that to have a Christmas Fayre would be nice to showcase friends and family and local people’s skills as well as have a raffle, some refreshments and generally make people aware of Mencap.

“The Early Christmas Fayre in 2022 was so successful – I also did other things throughout the year and I gave £600 to Mencap in December last year. 

“The cost of the hire of the hall and the mandatory public liability insurance was in excess of £250. Therefore, I thought that if I could ‘sell’ the tables at £12 each, it would make for an intimate but impressive fayre, and cost neutral.

“Then what I make on the raffle, selling some Christmas baubles, refreshments, would go to Mencap and, local people could have an inexpensive way of showcasing what they do and hopefully make a lovely profit for themselves.”

The fair takes place on Saturday, November 11, from 10am to 2pm.

For more information or to secure a table for your business, call Evelyn on 07941 349707.