5 pets at RSPCA Essex who are on the lookout for their forever homes

Whether you want to adopt a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or hamster, there are usually some who want to find a new owner.

There are several RSPCA branches in the county, along with the affiliated Danaher Animal Home.

If you think you would be able to rehome one of them, go to either the Essex South, Southend & District branch, the South West branch, or the Danaher Animal Home websites for details.

You can also donate to the charities to help them carry on their rescue work at the same websites.


Maldon and Burnham Standard: MyloMylo (Image: Danaher Animal Home)

Gender – Male

Age – One year old

Breed – Akita Cross

Colour – Tan/Black

If you want to adopt Mylo you can view their full profile here.

Mylo is a dog who is described as having plenty of “playful puppy energy” so will be looking to go to a home that can offer him both the exercise and training that he needs.

He can get over-excited and will need help learning the rules about acceptable items to chew.

Danaher Animal Home adds: “Mylo hasn’t had many opportunities to make doggy friends so far in his young life so needs help socialising with other dogs.

“He thinks other dogs are great! But sometimes he can become overwhelmed and worried and needs to know his humans have got his back and will keep him safe when he feels unsure.”


Maldon and Burnham Standard: BennyBenny (Image: Danaher Animal Home)

Gender – Male

Age – Eight years old

Breed – Domestic Shorthaired

Colour – Black

If you want to adopt Benny you can view their full profile here.

Benny is a cat who is looking for a new home to go to so he can come out of his shell a bit.

He can be quite nervous and is going to need an understanding owner who will be able to offer him the extra love he requires.

Danaher Animal Home adds: “Benny has FIV which is Feline immunodeficiency virus, which is a very common disease thought to infect 2-5% of the UK cat population.

“Infected FIV cats can lead long and happy lives but they should be kept indoors and need to be the only cat in the home.”


Maldon and Burnham Standard: WolfieWolfie (Image: RSPCA)

Gender – Male

Age – Three years old

Breed – Pomeranian

Colour – Merle

If you want to adopt Wolfie you can view their full profile here.

Wolfie is a dog who is thriving in his foster home but is looking to settle down and find a permanent residence.

Having come from a multi-dog household, the RSPCA feel he would benefit from a home with a calm resident dog that he can snuggle up with.

It is important to note that Wolfie is deaf, so any children in the home should be over the age of 10 and have a good understanding of dogs and how to behave around them, especially not sneaking up on a deaf dog.

He would prefer to have company for most of the day until he gets settled and more comfortable being left.

Whisky and Persephone

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Whisky and PersephoneWhisky and Persephone (Image: Danaher Animal Home)

Gender – Male (Whisky) and Female (Persephone)

Age – Five years old (Whisky) and three years old (Persephone)

Breed – Lop cross (Whisky) and Dutch cross (Persephone)

Colour – Brown and Black & White

If you want to adopt Whisky and Persephone you can view their full profile here.

Whisky and Persephone are looking for a home together after circumstances meant their previous owners were no longer able to care for them.

Both are very unsure of people right now so will need an understanding home with plenty of patience.

A calm home would certainly be best for them, and they would be suitable for first-time owners.