Young artists invited to join new social group with a goal to change the world

A launch event will be held in Maldon Town Hall on Sunday, November 5, from 2pm to 4pm.

The new group called eARTh has been launched by climate activists Hattie Phillips, 18, and Ellious Woodroof, 15, with support from the Heybridge and Maldon Climate Action Group.

People aged from 13 to 25 are welcome to join to create art together.

At the launch event, visitors will be able to learn more about the project and take part in its first major project, a huge collaborative display.

Hattie said: “We know that actually doing something about things you care about makes you feel better, and being part of group of like-minded people can make a real difference.

“The most powerful tool we have as young people who care about the environment is our voice, and with art, you don’t have to make a sound to be heard.

“We can express ourselves in ways that are enjoyable and there’s something for every occasion.”

Ellious said: “The Maldon district has a wealth of artists of all types and styles, but unfortunately, there is little opportunity for young people to come together, work on projects, learn and share new skills and display our work.

“This new group, which is youth initiated, and youth led, will provide an exciting new space for like-minded young people to come together, have some fun and be a force for change.”

Richard Siddall, leader of Maldon District Council, said: “It’s exciting to see young people coming together to show both their incredible creativity and their enthusiasm to make the district a better place to live.

“This launch event aims to create a unique, artistic call to action to encourage and inspire people to take better care of the planet, and I am looking forward to seeing the result when it goes on display.”

The event is free, but young people are asked to book on