Listed: Six spooky destinations you can fly to in Europe from Essex this Halloween

Stansted Airport is the UK’s gateway to Europe, serving more European destinations than any other UK airport, and the ideal starting point for exploring. 

Here is a list for all those who are looking for the perfect place with themed parties and scary attractions to visit. 

Firstly, anyone who does not want to go too far on a short trip can visit Edinburgh.

The medieval city in Scotland has a wonderful castle and offers many activities to enjoy such as ghost tours and haunted houses surrounded by zombies and vampires.

Edinburgh can be visited with a direct flight by Ryanair, taking only one hour and 20 minutes. 

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Also close by is the city of Derry in Northern Ireland, one of the best places to celebrate.

The Walled City comes alive between October 28 and 31 with the Awakening celebration on the last day and spectacular fireworks at the end.

EasyJet and Ryanair offer flights to Belfast International, which is only one hour and 15 minutes away. 

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On Europe’s continent is Prague in the Czech Republic worth a visit during Halloween.

With its gothic architecture, such as the Charles Bridge, it sets the perfect scene for the spooky season.

There are many events with a Halloween theme, including carnivals, storytelling festivals and fairs. With and Ryanair, travellers can be in Prague within one hour and 50 minutes. 

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Amsterdam in the Netherlands is another capital in Europe celebrating Halloween like no other.

Spooky parades, parties and elaborate firework displays bring residents, visitors and spirits alike alive with something for everyone to enjoy in the Dutch capital.

EasyJet offers direct flights to Amsterdam, taking only one hour and ten minutes from Stansted. 

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Denmark is not only famous for Hamlet’s castle, also known as Kronborg Castle, but also hosts spectacular Halloween parties and spooky festivals with traditional parades and haunted attractions.

It is also home to many haunted houses and abandoned cemeteries where visitors can experience an eerie atmosphere.

Copenhagen’s nightlife offers a great variety of restaurants and bars to celebrate and can be visited with Ryanair within one hour and 45 minutes. 

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And lastly, there is the infamous home of the king of Halloween himself, Dracula.

Transylvania in Romania is a fascinating destination and the perfect spot to celebrate the spooky season. Medieval castles host Halloween festivals, with one of the best at the Dracula castle, also known as Bran Castle.

Hundreds of candles and lanterns transform the grounds into a spooky wonderland for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ryanair offers direct flights to Cluj and Bucharest, which can be reached within three hours and five minutes. 

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