Listed: The most difficult driving test centres to pass your test first time in Essex

An electronic car part remanufacturer, Actronics LTD, analysed the number of tests that were taken between January and June 2023 after a new report was published September 29.

A staggering 857,336 driving tests were taken across the UK during this period with only 413,636 passes, resulting in a national pass rate for 48.36 per cent for the budding motorists.

When it comes to driving test centres in Essex, Colchester has been named as the second hardest location to pass, just below Loughton.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: Learner - An L plate on a carLearner – An L plate on a car (Image: PA)

Loughton ranked as the hardest test centre with 2,026 tests and only 870 passes, resulting in a pass rate of 42.94 per cent.

Colchester itself had a higher number of driving tests taken during this time with 5,240 being taken but only 2,317 drivers passed, meaning it has a pass rate of 44.22 per cent.

Next on the list was Basildon Tilbury which were also both under the national average, with respective pass rates of 47.43 per cent and 48.02 per cent.

Interestingly, Clacton was far better and achieved a pass rate slightly over the national average with its 48.59 score. The driving test centre carried out 1,064 tests and 517 individuals succeeded in passing.

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