See what injuries James Argent had after Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins exit

This year, Arg joined other contestants on the gruelling Channel 4 show such as former health secretary Matt Hancock, Love Island’s Montana Brown and singer Gareth Gates.

The contestants were flown out to Thung Ui, North Vietnam and have been undergoing demanding physical tasks by experts including chief instructor Mark ‘Billy’ Billington, Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox, Rudy Reyes and Chris Oliver.

On Sunday’s episode (October 22), the celebrities took part in a military exercise that saw them squat, jump, run and lift their way around a course.

After giving it his all, Arg fell to his knees before realising he couldn’t continue and left the competition.

The 35-year-old broke down in tears as he walked away from the course.

Towie star James Argent reveals Celebrity SAS injuries on Instagram

Arg shared a series of images in his latest Instagram post with still-shots from his time competing on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins which included a video showing Arg’s body covered in bruises and even Trench foot.

He wrote in the caption: “And so my SAS Who Dares Wins journey ends…

“I left the camp a very broken man but I was content with knowing I went as far physically and mentally as I possibly could & I gave it 110%

“Jungle Rot, Trench foot, Swamp eye, You name it I got it lol. I have battle scars that will last a lifetime inside and out but it’s made me a stronger person. I have learnt things about myself that I didn’t know before and will continue to make progress.

“Thanks for all you love and support, It means the world.”

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Celebrity friends and his fans have left hundreds of comments under Arg’s post, showing their support.

One said: “Arg you did amazing and should be so proud. Just look where you were 18 months before and now you were able to go on the most physically and mentally demanding challenge ever. That is such a massive achievement.”

Anthea Turner commented: “You have to have been there to know what it’s like – Even tougher than it looks on the telly – Well done.”

Mathematics genius and University Challenge star Bobby Seagull replied: “So proud of you Arg.”

Another fan wrote: “Arg you are and always will be a legend in my eyes xxxx”

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins returns to Channel 4 on Sunday, October 29 from 9pm.