Maldon business owners speechless after winning Channel 4 show competition

The Limes by Luigi’s Al Fresco was featured on the latest episodes of Channel 4’s Four in a Bed.

Business owners Giovanni and Enzo run The Limes by Luigi’s Al Fresco as well as their second restaurant The Griffin in Main Road, Danbury.

Guests can stay in one of 12 rooms at the hotel in Market Hill, Maldon for up to £190 a night.

The competition was close and they were told they “have to practise what they preach” after being picky throughout the stays at other contestants’ hotels.

Guests said the rooms were very clean and they were impressed with some of the complimentary items in the rooms including beers and other alcoholic drinks and soft drinks.

In the show they visited iconic Radio Caroline boat Ross’ Revenge.

The guests were educated on the history of Radio Caroline and how it introduced American music, Motown, the Who and the Rolling Stones to radio.

One of the guests, Claire said: “I never actually realised how limited we would have been without having pirate radio.”

Later on in the show, Giovanni and Enzo shared their ideas for expansion in the next ten years, and said they hope to have multiple hotels and restaurants.

The breakfast menu went down well, with the guests saying there were lots of options to choose from and describing the food as “five stars”, however, one said there were “too many flavours”.

At the end of the episode, Giovanni was speechless when one of the guests overpaid them for their stay and both Giovanni and Enzo were beaming with the positive feedback.

It was a close competition for the winning spot with both joint second-place hosts achieving a 100 per cent bill average and The Limes winning with a final bill average of 104 per cent.

After taking victory, Enzo said: “I have no words to describe the sensation inside me.”

Giovanni said: “We genuinely had a very close competition and for us to come first just shows how much we really worked and it’s finally paid off.”

On social media, they said: “We did it! Luigi’s Al Fresco and The Limes guesthouse have been crowned the winners!

“A huge thank you to all the team at The Limes guesthouse, all our supporters and the amazing Four in a Bed team.”