Rare Pokémon card set to sell for £250,000 at auction

The ‘No.2 Trainer Card’ is a unique item from the world-famous series, based on the Japanese comics.

Owned currently by Pokémon ‘Top Trainer’ Tord Reklev, from Norway, the card will be sold at auction by Baldwins’ Auctioneers on Saturday.

The auction has a top end estimate of up to £250,000 – which would make the card one of the most expensive of all time.

Maldon and Burnham Standard: A rare trading card won by one of the 'greatest Pokémon players of all time' will be auctioned - for up to 250K.A rare trading card won by one of the ‘greatest Pokémon players of all time’ will be auctioned – for up to 250K. (Image: SWNS)

In 1998m an illustrated Pikachu card was sold for almost £5 million, and that currently holds the record.

In a world first, the card features Tord Reklev’s name is emblazoned across the top of the slab describing the card.

It is accompanied by a much-coveted 10/10 grade, denoting its perfect condition.

PSA, the leading global TCG grading and authentication specialists, were approached by trading card experts at Baldwin’s alongside Tord earlier this year to facilitate the sale.

Roy Raftrery, from Baldwin’s TCG team, said: “It’s been an incredible experience to work with one of the world’s greatest players achieving recognition in this way.”

Tord’s journey in Pokémon TCG has spanned 17 years, accumulating trophies in virtually every competition he could enter.

His innovative deck choices and analytical approach to the game have made him a respected international figure within the Pokémon TCG community, and he has also contributed valuable content to help others improve their gameplay.

To further this cause, he is also offering four lucky fans to meet him in battle at Baldwin’s Auction House in Central London, the day before the auction.

Tord said: “I have loved working with the Baldwin’s TCG team, I have known Tom for 10 years and both he and Roy made this experience with PSA extremely easy.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting up with them and the fans.”